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CORSAIR 747 (EN) Guy Van Herbruggen

This is the story of 32 years of Boeing 747 jumbo jet service with French leisure carrier Corsair, bringing together the individual history of their 24 747s, and two in-depth historical essays: the story of the Boeing 747, and the complete story of Corsair through four eventful decades.



CORSAIR 747 (FR) Guy Van Herbruggen

Corsair 747 retrace les 32 années de service jumbo avec le transporteur charter
et de loisirs français Corsair qui a exploité toutes les variantes du jumbo, y
compris le seul 747SP immatriculé en France. Cet ouvrage rassemble l'histoire
individuelle de ses 24 jumbos et d’une compagnie pleine de passion, de
créativité, de professionnalisme et de dévouement à travers quatre décennies
mouvementées. Au cœur du livre sont relatés quelques souvenirs des
employés : de la bravoure lors de l'évacuation de réfugiés à la simple humanité
de sauver un moineau passager clandestin jusqu’à la naissance d’un amour en
plein vol. Un livre riche en illustrations et en documents d'archives.
Cet ouvrage est signé Guy Van Herbruggen avec l'entière coopération de



MORE TICKETS PLEASE! Sebastian Schmitz & Athanasios Gklavas

Following the success of Tickets Please, here is a new collection of airline tickets spanning the modern history of travel, once again curated by Sebastian Schmitz and this time drawing exclusively from the collection of Athanasios Gklavas, perhaps the world’s top collector of airline passenger tickets.From some of the most famous names in air travel to the most obscure are found on these pages. One thing they all had in common was a sharp eye for colour and design making this volume a world tour and time capsule for fans of travel, aviation, design, and illustration. More tickets please!





JETLINERS OF THE RED STAR Charles Kennedy (paperback)

After the success of the hardback, here is the paperback edition that pulls back the Iron Curtain to reveal the lives of the jet airliners of the Soviet Union, full of previously unseen stories and previously unpublished information.The Tupolevs, Ilyushins and Yakovlevs, including the supersonic Tu-144, get a chapter each, lavishly illustrated with rare photos from the past and present. An introductory essay details the history of Aeroflot and the Soviet aerospace establishment. Tragedy and triumph, crushing defeats and stratospheric successes in the parallel world of the airline scene during the Cold War.For fans of transport, aviation (both civil and military), history, politics, travel and photography.“A rivetting insight into an entire solar system of big jets that haven’t enjoyed half as much attention as their western counterparts – until now. Epic!”– Craig West, Airliner World




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